At Muraspec, it is of utmost importance to us that we deliver your wallcoverings within required timelines and with excellent customer service at each and every step of the design process.


With thousands of in-house wallcoverings to choose from – i.e. modern textures, classic silks, natural effects, bespoke digitals and so on – Muraspec is always the perfect fit for our clients’ design needs. You’ll find our products in the finest hotels, shops and residences worldwide.


Here, we’ve included a quick shortlist of recent projects, both featuring our commercial or bespoke wallcoverings. 

Oxford House in Newcastle

Oxford House Bespoke 2

The talented team at Ryder specified a truly one-of-a-kind mix of our digital bespoke wallcoverings for the new Oxford student accommodations, located in the Newcastle city centre. 

Oxford House Bespoke 1

Ryder was tasked with creating fresh new student living that incorporates unique and modern artwork as well as various elements of its North Eastern location. The designers, together with the talented digital team at Muraspec, found the perfect solution in our bespoke wallcoverings – with amazing results!

The design features not only an avant-garde take on a now iconic local sight but also statement pieces that make reference to cult classics that define the pop culture of today.

Who doesn’t love a brilliant British crime thriller?

Clarendon in Bath

Clarendon Celeste Light Grey 1

The brilliant designers at Interaction opted for our transformative Celeste for this ‘boutique hotel’ inspired project for Clarendon offices in Bath.

Clarendon Celeste Dark Grey 1

Both light grey colourways and darker grey tones of the richly textured Celeste have been utilised to add character and dimension to the corridors of this space, thereby showcasing the impeccable, prestigious and modern nature of Clarendon. Photos courtesy of Rebecca Faith Photography



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